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Appeal to ebayers: please warn sellers about fake flash memory

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We at fightflashfraud (and other groups of ebayers who are concerned about the fake flash problem) need your help to rid ebay of fake flash memory. If you are reading this blog you have already become aware of the issue. This may because you are an ebay seller who was warned by ebayers that items you are selling are likely to be fake. It may be that you are an end-user who suddenly started to lose files you saved to flash memory.

Whoever you are – if you see anyone selling a flash memory item on ebay that looks as if it is fake please send them a message telling them you think it may be fake and asking them to test it with h2testw. Many ebay sellers do not know their items are fake – they are victims of the fake flash plague just like their buyers. Mostly they will have bought from fraudsters in China and had no idea the drives were fake capacity.

It will only take you a few minutes to send a message and you could save the seller from landing in a lot of trouble. If the seller has not removed the item from sale or been in touch with you after two days please leave a comment on this post with the item number and seller ID so that members of the frankenflash project can try to contact the member.